Since its establishment in 2007, Bacmetall has been a leader in the realm of catalytic converter recycling. Our many years of operation have given us extensive knowledge and unique expertise in this specialized area. This legacy has empowered us to provide industry-leading services in catalytic converter recycling, standing testament to our deep-rooted competence.

We are one of the leading catalytic converter purchasing and recycling companies in Europe. We pride ourselves on our quality of service and attractive payment methods. We tailor our service to each individual client, ensuring your every need is met. 


Our main benefits: 

We have 24/7 customer support services and highly experienced employees. We have certified scales and complete XRF and ICP analysis to provide highly accurate results for your catalytic converters.

We aim to help our clients prepare all documentation and organize the shipment procedures to our warehouse (it doesn’t matter where you are based). We also provide fast and flexible payments. 




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